Friday, May 8, 2009

Scott Allen and I SUP sunrise fun.....

Scott Allen and I paddled in some weak knee - thigh high fun clean waves. Not much wind ,pretty sunrise and with only 3-4 of us out made for a mellow vibe. Lots of dolphin in the water ,bait snapping around and I'm sure the " men in the grey suits'' are below. Took some vid pics that came out alright..Still learning. Great to get on the water with the long work week behind and ahead of me. Great to get water in the gills. I felt like a fish out of water flopping around on a boat deck ..When I work for 10/12- 14 hours a day for a few days, I go nuts and get grumpy . I need balance in my day; some work and some water ... Harmony .......This morning a great gift to receive and share.... Mahalo

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