Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Jamie

Had the honor to spend the day fishing with Jamie Maples. Not only was it a great day but it was his Birthday and his friend Rex and I spent they day looking for Cobia in Port Royal Sound. We spent 10-11 hours, two tidal swings and experienced a cool front pass bye with shifting winds from WNW to NE stirring up the waters. We had an amazing day watching bait and sea life all around us but the elusive Cobia did not like the several baits we had. We caught several sharks , Spanish and a huge 100-150 lb ray. The Ray had to be 6/7 feet across the wingspan.
Even though we did not catch a Cobia hanging with Jamie on his Birthday was a great gift.
If I'm sharing waves paddle surfing or fishing (two of Jamie's passions) its a learning experience to watch a great waterman do his thing.
Thanks Jamie for all life's lessons.
Happy Birthday Bruddah

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