Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Heavy West winds blowing surf flat.. Still fun..

Jamie and I went out for a SUP session . Looking at it early the waves were in the waist high range. before the winds picked up. As we geared up and paddled out the West winds went from 10 knots to 25 knots blowing hard offshore, blowing the surf flat in less than 2 hours. Some gusts had to be at 30... The tide did not come up either. The beach looked like low-mid tide at high tide. Water still 46*F.
Thanks Brandon for taking some of the pics..
Here is a pic of the sand blowing across the flat hard pack .
This is how you get sandblasted...

This is the reality of what it looked like. Heavy west winds, grey skys,
cold cold water... Still fun

Lil' peak

Blow wind blow

Surf going flat after an hour.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Clean 2-3 ft waves today...

Small fun clean waves this morning. Took a while for the swell to show but was great fun at high tide. Jamie and I on the SUP and Brandon and Rick on their longboards. Here are some grabs from today..

Meanwhile, Seppe was in Hawaii for the past week , SUP'ing the south shore. Hung with friends and rented a Sub Vector 10-0 for the week. Looks like he scored some fun waves. Here are some pics below from his Hawaiian adventure..

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Little fun solo session this morning

We had a small NE wind /wave fetch blow overnight so we had some little thigh some waist high waves. Grey, cold, ominous looking day. Went to the South end for a little cleaner conditions sheltering from the NE winds. Managed to snag several fun semi clean waves .. GoPro batteries went out after 40 min, too cold I guess. Time to go.. needed a cap but cant wear one when surfing..

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Late afternoon session

The light winds allowed the swell to continue for afternoon incomming tide before dark. I took pics of the small crew of Paddlesurfers. Jamie Maples, Heather Musselman and Perry Hartley. They shared the thigh high clean waves. Standup make all waves fun.. Thats why we doit...


Jamie movin' and the lil 'peeler
Heather dropping in on a little peak
Heather again
Perry gliding by
Jamie redirecting
Perry on a nice clean right
Setting it up for the turn
Heather on another peak getting the BoardWorks 10' wired.

Foggy fun waves earlier today..

Waist stomach high waves this morning. Really foggy and cold. I was still sick and under the influence of Meds. My equilibrium was out of wack''. I can see the headlines . ''Paddlesurfing on steroids ....Drug testing to begin before walking on the beach'' Couldn't pass up the waves especially with a great friend.

Thanks Everett for getting up and shooting in the fog..

Jesse on the wave of the morning.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Caricatures By Bruce Outridge Productions ..SUP toon'

Caricature work is the main focus of Bruce Outridge Productions whether it be a gift for clients, making fun of celebrities, or drawing live entertaining a crowd. Fun is the name of the game. Have fun checking out the different galleries and if you would like more information on pricing and details for a future event or a gift caricature for a client then just request a quote through the link at the top of the website page...Here is his info
Bruce Outridge Productions can be reached by phone calling direct at 289-337-2630 by email at
Bruce is a friend of Everett Gauthier Jr. who creates this great art work. He created two caricatures from some photos that Everett had taken. The first is a paddle surfing pic from this past fall and the artists impression of me. Paddlesurfing/Chef..( Chef hat too w/ fish flopping.) Below is a pic of Everett fishing for South Carolina Reds above his Kayak . The caricature is Bruce's impression. Looks like the fish won the battle..
Check out Bruce's website and if you have a favorite pic you want created email for a quote and you can have prints, jpegs or drawings sent to you.. Thanks for looking..

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

H20 ALL-RIDE SUP Surf Test

Fun Surf today with friends. Test paddles our H2O Sports Molded 11' All-Ride .
Surfed well for a big volume board. Will be great for lessons and the surf..