Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Heavy West winds blowing surf flat.. Still fun..

Jamie and I went out for a SUP session . Looking at it early the waves were in the waist high range. before the winds picked up. As we geared up and paddled out the West winds went from 10 knots to 25 knots blowing hard offshore, blowing the surf flat in less than 2 hours. Some gusts had to be at 30... The tide did not come up either. The beach looked like low-mid tide at high tide. Water still 46*F.
Thanks Brandon for taking some of the pics..
Here is a pic of the sand blowing across the flat hard pack .
This is how you get sandblasted...

This is the reality of what it looked like. Heavy west winds, grey skys,
cold cold water... Still fun

Lil' peak

Blow wind blow

Surf going flat after an hour.

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