Monday, March 30, 2009

Pics from Sunday's Session by Tim Neil

Some of the pic from yesterday thru Tim Neil's lens. Was a windy day and very challenging for Stand Up. After a broken paddle running home to get more equipment, I was able to catch waves. I brought two SUP's to the beach. Jesse rode the 10-6 PSH and I the Sub Vector but switched boards for several waves. Both boards are great in their own right. PSH was able to glide into the waves with the heavy winds and the Sub Vee' just hot dogged the fun waves.. Thanks to all who was out there enjoying the waves , our loved ones on the beach and Tim for the lasting memories of Sunday.. Beach Break Grill for lunch today.. Mmmmm

The big drop on the PSH ( made it) with Billy Hughes on 67' PERFORMER

Jamie with the big gouging turn

Jesse on the 10-6 PSH
Sub Vee' fun

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fun Clean windy day for Sunday..

First off I snapped the Kailoa Methane paddle today. I was paddling into the 15 knot wind trying to keep my position trying to catch a second wave of the day. I paddles hard into the wind and the boys in the line up and heard Crackle and Snap ! Midway on the shaft. I don't know if the blade was stressed and today it gave way. I know I check my equipment regularly and I did not see or feel damage. Call Kialoa and see what the options are..
Jesse borrowed one of my other SUP's and was able to grab several waves. Jamie was having fun on his SUP in the waist high wind waves. .. All of my friends surfing were getting their share..
Me, I had to run home and get another paddle. Towards the end of my session I started to relax and loosen up and started to get waves and have fun. That's what its all about..

Broken shaft of the Methane'
Jamie on wind whipped wall

Waves and SUP
Someone setting up for a wave

Friday, March 27, 2009

Fun Choppy/Lumpy Waves today

Friday morning we had some fun waist high surf. Got in it early before the wind picked up but also subsided as the tide dripped. There was 4 of us on SUP's and about a dozen surfers all getting their waves. All of us were getting good rides and having fun. Its a great surfing community at Burke's Beach with the spirit of Aloha and Ohana.. Tim took a few pics for a short while as the tide started to drop. John, Pat, Billy, Chris, Mike
Carl, Scott and a few others surfed great. Jamie, RuRu, Mike Fleetwood and I had some great waves on the Stand Ups. Jamie just hitting the lip, RuRu, getting long rides and I waiting for the bigger waves to catch.. Should be waves again Sat. too... Mahalo Tim

Visiting SUP'er Mike Fleetwood from Savannah, having fun

burks 3/27 and some old photos

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Large Chunky Choppy Session Today

Today we had a lot of fun Stand Up paddle surfing in the stomach to chest high waves in some Easterly winds and a 3-5 foot swell. The surface conditions made it hard to SUP but catching waves with speed and power was great.
Tim Neil took a bunch of pics. Visit his smugmug site on this page and see the shots of today.
Looking forward to Friday's session.

Flat wall carve
Jamie top turning a fun left
Dropping in on a meaty wall
Another overhead grinder , took a beating in this wave
Jamie on the lip....
RuRu inside glide
Carl Anderson ripping a carve...
Cooper Neil, throwing his fish on the roof....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jamie and Jesse Tuesday Glass

Tuesday morning Glass

There was fun little waves this early morning. I had to work early so I stopped bye and took a few shots of Jamie on the SUP, Jesse on his longboard and Will surfing his longboard too. Pretty glassy waves and looked fun. Water was blue and the air was warm. Spring is here.
Jamie cutting back
Wave of the morning...
Jamie cross stepping on the inside...
Jesse on one of the long lines to the folly..
Soul arch

Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Morning Blues SUP Burke's

Jamie Scott and I had a fun little glassy session onnthe SUP's Fun thigh hig surf left over from the NE winds this past weekand. Played around with the video. I need a lot of work.
Mahalo Glen

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday NE.Choppy 2-3 ft waves Fun Fun

There were fun surf with a Nor Easter' winds blowing at 10-15 knots generating some waist high waves. Jamie, Jesse and I and about 15 -20 other surfers out enjoying the waves. Troy Ahyo and John Brackett were on the beach wishing they were kiting. John was nursing a sprained wrist. Both took some pics of the afternoon session.
The Sub Vector worked well in the 2-3 foot chop w/ a 2-4 foot wind swell . Was very stable and easy to catch waves but I still felt like a cork in a washing machine bouncing around.. Always fun out there..

Paddle Surf Hawaii Tv 9'3 Ripper Queens

PaddleSurfHawaiiTv Hotdog Atilla J.
The PSH 9-3 ripper working on little waves. The board looks loose and super fun.I really liked the footage of the little girl SUP'ing. She is good.. Enjoy...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Outside Hilton Head, Stand Up Paddle Demo

Today from Noon to 3pm at the Old Oyster Factory restaurant on Marshland Road, Hilton Head Island, was the site of the event. Over 100 guests visited the event to check out the Kayaks and Stand Up boards.. Most were interested in kayaks but a good few wanted to see what this sport is all about. I gave demo's and spoke about the what's and how's of Stand Up Paddle boarding. Answered many of their questions and we all looked forward to the next WARM demo day.. Despite the cold brisk windy day most were enthused and are excited about Stand Up. . Several of the boards and paddles offered at Outside Hilton Head are; C4 boardworks ,Yolo,, Jimmy Lewis SUP's, Werner, C4 and
Aqua-Bound paddles . I experienced a gift being able to share my passion of Stand Up with others and I hope I made and impact on someone today.. Thanks to Ed Mundsen for visiting the event and for sharing his pics..
Paddle and Stroke demo

Getting a few out
off and paddling
Stand Up Paddle and Kayak demo

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

C4's Sub Vector Nominated for Surfboard of the Year

A testament to Dave Parmenter's shaping ability, the C4 Waterman Sub Vector has been accepted in the category of Surfboard of the Year in the prestigious 2009 SIMA Image Awards. The Surf Industry Manufacturers Association Image Awards' goal is to identify the surf industry’s most influential companies and recognize them for their efforts to advance and grow the industry over the past year.
Length: 9'3"
Nose: 19 1/8"
Width: 28 13/16"
Tail: 19 1/4"
Thickness: 4 1/4"
Weight: 22.5 lbs
Hard Diamond Tail
Fin array: 2 X 1 or Quad (Five Boxes)
Fins Included: SB1 350 Sidebites and 7" Center Fin We are nominating the C4 Waterman SubVector 9-3 stand up paddle board as the surfboard product of the year for three reasons: (1) it is without a doubt the most finely tuned and advanced short SUB on the market, (2) its Thermal Epoxy Compression molding construction is strong, light and eco-friendly, and (3) it is short enough to rip, stable enough for a beginner, and rides with a "feel" that is so important to good surfers.Based on one of C4 shaper/designer Dave Parmenter's most successful surfboard models, the 'Stub-Vector,' this new model has a progressive rocker, flat bottom, firm edges, angular boxy rails, and double-barrel inverted vee panels, the "C4 Sub Vector" delivers sports-car-like speed and snappy handling characteristics. Its lightly concave deck carries out to a crisp, soaring deckline, providing the maximum of usable deck width and, thus, increased stability; the concave deck blends at the tail into innovative new foot wells, which lower the center of gravity and grant the rider's back foot more leverage and grip in radical turns.C4 Waterman is a company dedicated promoting the life of the waterman. Our goal is to bring products to market that bring out the hidden waterman in everyone.
See all C4 products at

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Little Demo w/ Outside HH Kayak Guides on the SUP 'Yolo Yak'..

This afternoon I gave a little intro to Paddle Paddle Surfing Demo to a few of the Kayak guides from Outside Hilton Head.
Outside HH. will be developing a Stand Up Paddle program this year to be included with all their other activities. They will offer Stand Up Paddle lessons, outings, group paddles or individual excursions and rentals as well as having SUP boards and equipment in their retail shop.
Today I spoke to the crew about the hows and whats of STAND UP. Developing a lesson plan that will be implemented this year. After a 30 min talk session we were able yo get out on the water and apply some of the How to' techniques that will be utilized in the classes and outings.
We took out the new YOLO Yaks that will be used for the lesson plan.
''You Only Live Once''
The Yak is the first true hybrid SUP/kayak of its kind! Our first full adventure board combines the elements of a paddle board with the durability of a kayak. Produced using the best marine technology available, the YOLO Yak is made of roto-molded polyethelene, (just like your favorite sit-atop kayak). It is the most durable multi-use stand up paddle board on the market. Features include a front bungee tie down system, molded-in keel system, foam traction pad and both side and rear handles. At 60 lbs., 11'10" long and 33" wide, this board is designed with recessed deck to provide additional stability for a variety of water pursuits such as fishing, crabbing, or just cruising your local flat water spot. Tough enough for outdoor storage, the Yolo Yak is a perfect fit for resorts and rental businesses, as well as all water men and woman who are tough on their gear.
Sort of the perfect fit for Outside Hilton Head. If interested call Outside HH
or visit the site and Check it out ...
Three of the demo Yolo Yaks
Designed for the perfect flat water cruiser
Thick stable Catamaran type Hull Trapping the water providing stability with a molded keel in rear and nose rudder stabilizing the board.
Big board 12 ft 33'' wide and a bit heavy, but durable..
I'm trying the Yolo Yak'' Great board for lessons and beginners.''
OHH Guide, Michele Kuchciniski on the tail of the Yak
Guide Michael Hodsdon cruising around..
Guide Greg Smith and Michael out on the Yaks
Heel kick turn on the Yak
Late afternoon Paddle, Greg, Michele and Michael