Friday, March 27, 2009

Fun Choppy/Lumpy Waves today

Friday morning we had some fun waist high surf. Got in it early before the wind picked up but also subsided as the tide dripped. There was 4 of us on SUP's and about a dozen surfers all getting their waves. All of us were getting good rides and having fun. Its a great surfing community at Burke's Beach with the spirit of Aloha and Ohana.. Tim took a few pics for a short while as the tide started to drop. John, Pat, Billy, Chris, Mike
Carl, Scott and a few others surfed great. Jamie, RuRu, Mike Fleetwood and I had some great waves on the Stand Ups. Jamie just hitting the lip, RuRu, getting long rides and I waiting for the bigger waves to catch.. Should be waves again Sat. too... Mahalo Tim

Visiting SUP'er Mike Fleetwood from Savannah, having fun

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