Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fun Clean windy day for Sunday..

First off I snapped the Kailoa Methane paddle today. I was paddling into the 15 knot wind trying to keep my position trying to catch a second wave of the day. I paddles hard into the wind and the boys in the line up and heard Crackle and Snap ! Midway on the shaft. I don't know if the blade was stressed and today it gave way. I know I check my equipment regularly and I did not see or feel damage. Call Kialoa and see what the options are..
Jesse borrowed one of my other SUP's and was able to grab several waves. Jamie was having fun on his SUP in the waist high wind waves. .. All of my friends surfing were getting their share..
Me, I had to run home and get another paddle. Towards the end of my session I started to relax and loosen up and started to get waves and have fun. That's what its all about..

Broken shaft of the Methane'
Jamie on wind whipped wall

Waves and SUP
Someone setting up for a wave

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