Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jesse SUP's the Sunday Slop

Jesse Cadman paddles out in the waist to stomach high waves with an onshore 2 ft choppy surface . Winds were 15-20 side-onshore with a overnight wind waves that developed. He was the only SUP in the water. Was a challenge to keep his position in the line up and the drift was bad. He was only in the water for and hour but managed to snag a few waves. My thought ; Too much effort for too little reward. Mahalo Jesse....... Friends DJ, Cooper , John and Chris paddle out on their surfboards to get some waves.
Jesse inside rebound

Warble wave drop in..
Wind Slop

Great sunrise with a Winter feel..

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Iceland SUP Video

Boy, i thought it was getting cold here having to put booties on. Our water temp. at 53* f and air temp. at 55*f.. Looking at this Stand Up video in Iceland ( just the name ''Iceland'' say's Brrrr) with their waves looking so perfect and inviting, I'd be on it too,along with all my SUP and Surfing friends.. Mahalo

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day Fishing on the SUP

Jesse and I headed out on the SUP's to fish and try our luck on the falling tide. We used Storm lures; the smoked grey mullet color with screw tail and paddle tail worked the best. I caught 7 trout all in the 12 -16 inch range and Jesse caught the only red drum at about 16'' and a few trout with the quick release technique. We had fun paddling around the basin and grass line casting. The sun was out ,warm calm conditions. Awesome late morning spent with a great friend.
No, we did not keep the fish, threw them all back to have another spectacular day..
Today I figured what my Aumakua is; ''Aquatic life..''
I'm very Thankful for what I have and where I'm at in my life. I'm blessed with such wonderful family. My parents, brothers and relatives, great friends who are just like family and fortunate to have a good job. I take the time each day to be grateful for what I have, doing great things for others, staying healthy, meeting awesome people along my ride of life keeping a humble attitude. This has kept me happy and I've finally learned how to appreciate what is really important;
The little things .
Happy Thanksgiving
rod bending trout

Casting on the Stand Up Jesse reeling'
Small Trout on the ''Big Mamma''
Jesse's Redfish
Trout fight
Trout fishing Low Country SUP Style..
One of the bigger hook ups
I also paddled with Russ Tillman from Port Royal Plantation. I met Russ on one of my ocean paddles few weeks ago as he was paddling an Owens' Carbon Fiber Outrigger canoe. He showed interest in Stand Up so today we went for a 2 mile paddle. This was his second paddle w/ me and he's hooked on Stand Up.. Talking with Russ today I found out we know some of the same people and surfed some of the same breaks back home (NY) ...... Small world. Thanks Russ for the great afternoon paddle.. We will paddle again.. Mahalo ...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ikaika SUP Pipeline and Backdoor ...

Inspirational video since its flat here..

Great White Shark washes ashore in the Low Country

The body of a great white shark, one of the ocean's rarest and most powerful apex predators, was discovered washed ashore last week on Morris Island. A visitor spotted the dead shark about a mile from the lighthouse on Morris Island, an uninhabited barrier island near Charleston and reported to officials. Searching the shoreline by boat, DNR fisheries scientists Josh Loefer and Jon Geddings spotted the carcass Nov. 18 but could not land on the beach due to heavy surf.
Jon Geddings, a fisheries scientist with the S.C. Department of Natural Resources, examines the 13-foot, 2-inch female great white shark that was discovered washed ashore on Morris Island. It's possible the shark died of starvation or illness while well offshore, and its carcass simply drifted up onto the beach, he said.

Related links to the story....
We all enjoy the ocean for fun and play. The ocean has healing properties for me personally. Cleanses my soul, heals my wounds physically and mentally then keeps me in check..Will forever be in the ocean. While surfing, paddling or swimming the thoughts of a shark encounter enters my mind at times but I don't seem to really worry about it. I feel real safe in the ocean.. Safer in the water than driving on hwy 278.. In the summer I do see small species of shark in the surf but I respect them in their environment and I feel the Karma that they will respect me.. AUMAKUA
Aumakua is known to Hawaiians as a personal spirit guide. A protective force that takes form of an animal. The three common forms are; Shark, turtles and owls. It embodies the spirits of the individual and considered bad luck to harm or eat your AUMAKUA. Its considered good luck if you see your Aumakua in reality or your dreams and becomes your protector. If I had an Aumakua it would have to be Sharks and Dolphins, but I'm not Hawaiian..
Its all about respect; our environment, ecosystem and humans. Let promote it..

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fun little SUP waves this morning ''' Goods for sale'''

This morning we had some left over wind swell as the winds went offshore NNW. They were knee high with a couple of thigh high takeoffs. Jamie,Jesse Scott and I were on the SUPs as the little waves rolled in. Stand up was the only vehicle that would of caught the slow perfect 1 footers. Scott has improved his SUP technique and has gotten a lot better. Jesse and Jamie getting the longest waves to the Folly.. Fun session with the ''Stand Up clan'' Friends are a gift and we should all give thanks to them.. ""A toast to all ""

Here is a little comic of a possible reality of SUP and the coast guard ruling classifying them as vessels, thus having a PFD added to the quiver...

SUP Boards for Sale SOS Big Blue and Big Red thru John Denney's

A custom SUP used 11 x 29 x 4 3/8 great beginner to advanced

Have a few complete Stand Up packages too 10-2 and 10-6 Danai w/ pad and paddle
A 9-4 RA Wingnut Endless Summer II model signed by RA and Wingnut.

66' Hobie 9-8 3/4 redwood Strngr clean w. glass on speed fin. #8 scale
If interested any of these boards email or call me .. # on site..

Jamie also has a SUP JL 10' surf series for sale too. Grey color,deck pad great board for the surf.
John Tolly from Sunny Daze has a lot of goods too, Surfboards, Custom and Stock New and used surf clothing from all the manufactures for the groms and ladies too, Skate goods and surf gear. Drop in and go see him on for all your surf and Holiday needs..

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Today Jamie,Jessica, Karen and I went for a Sunday afternoon paddle in Broad Creek. We left from Shelter Cove Marina about noon:30 and paddled around Disney Resort to the basin where four boats were fishing for reds and trout. Jamie and I brought our poles on the paddle so we casted a few lures. Not too long before Jamie hooked on to a nice 12-13 inch trout using his mini 3ft rod w/ 4# test line. Several casts later I hooked into a trout that measured 17 inches. Jamie and I could of fished all day.. Jessica and Karen paddled back and forth doing laps as we fished. Deciding to explore, the sun beat down on a cloudless afternoon in the 55'f temp. Water temp a bit lower. We paddled over to the Long Cove area and paddled through some back creeks seeing the local wild life of birds doing their thing. Discovering a new place to paddle the tide started coming in and the sun lowered in the western sky. The shadows became longer and the colors of the marsh became vivid and crisp with cool Autumn colors. The air temp started dropping so we headed back for the hot tub. Not only was it a beautiful day paddling but I was privileged to spend my afternoon with a few of my closest friends; Jamie,
Jessica and Karen.

Jamie Jessica and Karen heading out S.C. marina.
Jessica and Jamie Marsh Paddlers
Karen and Jessica doing laps as we fished..Jamie, skinny water near Disney Resort. Glen dockside service
Jamie and the little 3' trout catcher
Trout almondine for dinnerHurry up
Karen ,... Three hour paddle , no problem...
Awesome day, Awesome couple Jamie and Jessica..

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Forces Of Nature, Mind Body and Soul Laird Hamilton

I had the opportunity to read Laird Hamilton's book ''' Forces of Nature: Mind Body Soul and of course Surfing.. '''' I have just finished reading this book and its unbelievable at the amount of innovative cross training, healthy living and positive attitude Laird possesses. This book allows us a glimpse into his unique philosophy on life that allows him to be at a place he desires, to maintain peek health and fitness being true to your physical, mental and spiritual roots. He has mastered his own philosophy and its lifestyle and now shares his key points in this book that we all can adapt to for our own use in this world. In each chapter Laird details the mental and mind training along with his physical training by the various workouts, healthy eating for the body which soulfully fulfilling his positive spirit of a true waterman being a complete person, husband,father and friend... He sheds light to the personal reasons for his surfing evolution which is summed up in one word ..Its all about having FUN...
Its a great easy book to read. I'm sure you will walk away enlightened and will apply a bit of his philosophy in your life...
1 4 3 Karen, Thank you so much for the book...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yoga on Stand Up Paddle Board by, Bari Denney, Jupiter Fl.

After seeing this article and doing some research on Yoga, I will try to incorporate some of these techniques to my flat water paddles.. Thanks John and Bari..

John Denney of Jupiter Paddle Surfing and learned the sport of paddle surfing. But, today, we're stepping it up a tad.
John Denney, Jupiter Paddle Surfing, said, "We're going to be doing my wife's morning exercise class where we incorporate yoga and core exercises while we're paddling on the boards."
Yes, you read correctly, we're doing yoga on paddle surf boards in the water! It all came about by John's wife, Bari. And just like most people, I was curious why and how she came up with a workout like this.
Bari Denney, Jupiter Paddle Surfing, explained, "Because it was so much fun, and the boards are so stable, and I thought, 'What else can we do?' And I started invented different moves to challenge the balance, and really get the core going."
Plus, it's a great way to spend an hour. "You're getting a workout you can't get anywhere else," Bari says.
If you're unfamiliar with paddle boarding, it started in Maui and California, and it's now taking Florida by storm! Basically, it's like walking on water.
"The greatest thing about paddle boarding is it works from your toes to the top of your head. It's one of the few sports, I find, that works every part of the leg, torso and arms. And, it's so peaceful; you have the benefits of meditation out there."
Now, I'm not very coordinated, so when Bari had me do one of her moves, one thing went through my mind: prepare to be wet! Sure enough, into the water I went! "It's really fun when you fall, so you get to laugh like a kid. And, I don't think, there's any other class you can do that with," said Bari.
The regulars in Bari's class are even doing headstands on the boards! Minor detail, these girls are gymnast, but don't let their ages or balance techniques stop you.
"She's [Bari] had people up to 70 years old come and do her class. And we have a bigger board for people with less stability," John assured. "You don't have to be an expert at anything. As a matter of fact, most people are first timers.
It's even a way to become closer with your spouse. "Husbands and wives can come together. It's one of the few sports my wife and I have ever done together that we really enjoy because we're sort of equal at it."
So, if you like the outdoors, water and athletics, you'll love Bari's innovative class.

""Thanks to Rachel Leigh of WFLX Fox 29"" ; Friends ''John and Bari Denney''
and Angie Chestnut for Pics

.....Click on above link to view little interview about '' Yoga on SUP ''from FOX29....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Skunked at Hunting Island State Park

Early at 5 am Jesse aka ... ''Kai Rockaway'' to a few ( long story) and I headed over to hunting Island State park for a Dawn Patrol Stand Up session. The day before we had 3-4 foot waves with choppy conditions. A cold front moved thru and offshore wind blew thru the night. The Buoys still reading wave heights I thought it would be a fun clean SUP session. Small swell, offshore winds all looked good. When we arrived at the beach we were greeted to Lake Atlantic, flat conditions. The offshore winds blew 20 knots for 12-15 hours overnight and flattened what little swell we had the last couple of days.
Da' Boys got SKUNKED..

As we stood on the beach looking at the flat conditions, could not think of the past trips catching waves, seeing the sunrise and having fun. There will other times.
Looks like a flat water paddle today..

Jesse, two months ago..

Mushy left but fun as always..

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sunrise shot Hunting Island

''A Hunting Island Memory'' last month.
Will be heading there for the Sunday morning SUP session.. Looking forward to some clean waves and sharing with some of my SUP buddies.. See you there..

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Waves today in Heavy fog

Just the waist high inside reform past our high tide ...
Here is the only pic I was able to get early this morning. Waves were head high plus a few larger sets and super clean. No wind and dense fog. Visibility at some moments was less than 30-40 yards. Was one of the bigger clean days we've had in a while.. Jamie , Jesse and I were out on the Stand Ups catching so many waves up and down the beach.. Will, Chris H , Pat M , Scott A , Chris B ,Rick L were all surfing the fun clean head high waves. Jesse caught the wave of the day. A 5 ft left that wedged up and sucked him back to the pit as he faded setting up for the wave. Then he gained speed and sped out to the shoulder. Jamie and I were paddling back out and hootin' and rootin' for Jesse. Jamie and I also caught some bigger bombs and meaty wedgie lefts surfing 2 hours past the high tide..Watched Jamie drop into a head high left that was so fast it drove him down 50-60 yards out of site into the fog. ""SUP Ghost Rider"".. Unreal speed on the SUP's. Made for easy carves and turns.. I was lovin' life this morning and I felt I was paddle surfing so good... As we all were.. To all of you out today. Thanks for sharing as we are all one big family.. ''OHANA'' on Hilton Head.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

2-3 foot NE chop this morning.

I paddled out at the Dunes House in PD this morning. The waves were 2-3 foot and choppy with a strong NE fetch that has developed. Some of the waves I caught could of been waist high and a tad larger. Short little rides and rebounds. The tide was dropping fast so it was a short 1 hour session and the water temp was not too bad but the air was a bit brisk.. Always fun to get out in the water..I was eager to ride the PSH 10-6 with a new fin set up. I put a smaller 7'' TK flex center fin with larger M5's FCS side bites. Loosened the board tail up a little but the choppy, bouncy conditions prevented me from really feeling its true capabilities. Will have to get some more sessions with the new fin set up to see what it will do..
Looks like the clouds will prevent us from viewing the full moon rise paddle. May have to wait for Dec. full moon.
We will have a NE swell for a couple of days so will see you in the water...

PD Dunes House. So So conditions..
10'-6'' w/ 7'' TK flex and FCS M5's side bites.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Wed. November 12th Full Moonrise paddle

Here we go again another full moon is upon us and its time for the '' Full moon rise paddle.
'' We have a full moon on Thursday, Nov13 th... Wed. moonrise will
be at its fullest for the rise. Phase of the Moon on 12 November: waxing gibbous with 99% of the Moon's visible disk illuminated.
Full Moon on 13 November 2008 at 1:18 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. Moonrise at 4:46 p.m. as the sun sets at 5:16 pm......
Should be a cool paddle with a great view. I hope is clear out. Forecast calls for 20 % chance of shower. Will make the call for paddle or no paddle Wed afternoon .
If your interested in the paddle and on Hilton Head get in touch with me to go..We will leave from Shelter Cove Marina and head out to Broad Creek to view the Nov moon rise. I know Jesse, Karen and I are in. Jamie wants to go w/ Jessica. Will make a few calls on Tuesday and make it a paddle floatilla. If you have the opportunity to do this in your part of the world, I recommend doing so, its both enlightening and humbling .. ..
This past October's Show.