Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Great White Shark washes ashore in the Low Country

The body of a great white shark, one of the ocean's rarest and most powerful apex predators, was discovered washed ashore last week on Morris Island. A visitor spotted the dead shark about a mile from the lighthouse on Morris Island, an uninhabited barrier island near Charleston and reported to officials. Searching the shoreline by boat, DNR fisheries scientists Josh Loefer and Jon Geddings spotted the carcass Nov. 18 but could not land on the beach due to heavy surf.
Jon Geddings, a fisheries scientist with the S.C. Department of Natural Resources, examines the 13-foot, 2-inch female great white shark that was discovered washed ashore on Morris Island. It's possible the shark died of starvation or illness while well offshore, and its carcass simply drifted up onto the beach, he said.

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We all enjoy the ocean for fun and play. The ocean has healing properties for me personally. Cleanses my soul, heals my wounds physically and mentally then keeps me in check..Will forever be in the ocean. While surfing, paddling or swimming the thoughts of a shark encounter enters my mind at times but I don't seem to really worry about it. I feel real safe in the ocean.. Safer in the water than driving on hwy 278.. In the summer I do see small species of shark in the surf but I respect them in their environment and I feel the Karma that they will respect me.. AUMAKUA
Aumakua is known to Hawaiians as a personal spirit guide. A protective force that takes form of an animal. The three common forms are; Shark, turtles and owls. It embodies the spirits of the individual and considered bad luck to harm or eat your AUMAKUA. Its considered good luck if you see your Aumakua in reality or your dreams and becomes your protector. If I had an Aumakua it would have to be Sharks and Dolphins, but I'm not Hawaiian..
Its all about respect; our environment, ecosystem and humans. Let promote it..

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