Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thanks to all who have touched my life thru Stand Up

Like Night and Day..

I am fortunate enough to have met some of the greatest people while sharing my passion of the Stand Up Paddle surfing lifestyle. Some are, will be and continue to be life long friends and all others have touched my life and blessed me with their presence and positive vibe which is an honor to receive their personal gift. Over the past 17 months my life has been a precious gift that seems to be endless with every new day.. I have touched the lives of many through paddle surfing by making an impact or I may have altered their lives in a small way that they now have been enlightened. Knowing this and accepting the responsibilty from my actions has blessed me with such a positive attitude. ""Everything comes down to attitude, decide what yours is and the external world will reflect it back to you.."" (Laird) . ..... This I do beleive to be true..
To all of you; Thanks from the bottom of my heart...
Sincerly; Glen

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