Thursday, November 13, 2008

Waves today in Heavy fog

Just the waist high inside reform past our high tide ...
Here is the only pic I was able to get early this morning. Waves were head high plus a few larger sets and super clean. No wind and dense fog. Visibility at some moments was less than 30-40 yards. Was one of the bigger clean days we've had in a while.. Jamie , Jesse and I were out on the Stand Ups catching so many waves up and down the beach.. Will, Chris H , Pat M , Scott A , Chris B ,Rick L were all surfing the fun clean head high waves. Jesse caught the wave of the day. A 5 ft left that wedged up and sucked him back to the pit as he faded setting up for the wave. Then he gained speed and sped out to the shoulder. Jamie and I were paddling back out and hootin' and rootin' for Jesse. Jamie and I also caught some bigger bombs and meaty wedgie lefts surfing 2 hours past the high tide..Watched Jamie drop into a head high left that was so fast it drove him down 50-60 yards out of site into the fog. ""SUP Ghost Rider"".. Unreal speed on the SUP's. Made for easy carves and turns.. I was lovin' life this morning and I felt I was paddle surfing so good... As we all were.. To all of you out today. Thanks for sharing as we are all one big family.. ''OHANA'' on Hilton Head.

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