Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yoga on Stand Up Paddle Board by, Bari Denney, Jupiter Fl.

After seeing this article and doing some research on Yoga, I will try to incorporate some of these techniques to my flat water paddles.. Thanks John and Bari..

John Denney of Jupiter Paddle Surfing and http://www.eastcoastpaddlesurfing.com/ learned the sport of paddle surfing. But, today, we're stepping it up a tad.
John Denney, Jupiter Paddle Surfing, said, "We're going to be doing my wife's morning exercise class where we incorporate yoga and core exercises while we're paddling on the boards."
Yes, you read correctly, we're doing yoga on paddle surf boards in the water! It all came about by John's wife, Bari. And just like most people, I was curious why and how she came up with a workout like this.
Bari Denney, Jupiter Paddle Surfing, explained, "Because it was so much fun, and the boards are so stable, and I thought, 'What else can we do?' And I started invented different moves to challenge the balance, and really get the core going."
Plus, it's a great way to spend an hour. "You're getting a workout you can't get anywhere else," Bari says.
If you're unfamiliar with paddle boarding, it started in Maui and California, and it's now taking Florida by storm! Basically, it's like walking on water.
"The greatest thing about paddle boarding is it works from your toes to the top of your head. It's one of the few sports, I find, that works every part of the leg, torso and arms. And, it's so peaceful; you have the benefits of meditation out there."
Now, I'm not very coordinated, so when Bari had me do one of her moves, one thing went through my mind: prepare to be wet! Sure enough, into the water I went! "It's really fun when you fall, so you get to laugh like a kid. And, I don't think, there's any other class you can do that with," said Bari.
The regulars in Bari's class are even doing headstands on the boards! Minor detail, these girls are gymnast, but don't let their ages or balance techniques stop you.
"She's [Bari] had people up to 70 years old come and do her class. And we have a bigger board for people with less stability," John assured. "You don't have to be an expert at anything. As a matter of fact, most people are first timers.
It's even a way to become closer with your spouse. "Husbands and wives can come together. It's one of the few sports my wife and I have ever done together that we really enjoy because we're sort of equal at it."
So, if you like the outdoors, water and athletics, you'll love Bari's innovative class.

""Thanks to Rachel Leigh of WFLX Fox 29"" ; Friends ''John and Bari Denney''
and Angie Chestnut for Pics

.....Click on above link to view little interview about '' Yoga on SUP ''from FOX29....

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