Wednesday, November 12, 2008

2-3 foot NE chop this morning.

I paddled out at the Dunes House in PD this morning. The waves were 2-3 foot and choppy with a strong NE fetch that has developed. Some of the waves I caught could of been waist high and a tad larger. Short little rides and rebounds. The tide was dropping fast so it was a short 1 hour session and the water temp was not too bad but the air was a bit brisk.. Always fun to get out in the water..I was eager to ride the PSH 10-6 with a new fin set up. I put a smaller 7'' TK flex center fin with larger M5's FCS side bites. Loosened the board tail up a little but the choppy, bouncy conditions prevented me from really feeling its true capabilities. Will have to get some more sessions with the new fin set up to see what it will do..
Looks like the clouds will prevent us from viewing the full moon rise paddle. May have to wait for Dec. full moon.
We will have a NE swell for a couple of days so will see you in the water...

PD Dunes House. So So conditions..
10'-6'' w/ 7'' TK flex and FCS M5's side bites.

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