Sunday, November 16, 2008

Skunked at Hunting Island State Park

Early at 5 am Jesse aka ... ''Kai Rockaway'' to a few ( long story) and I headed over to hunting Island State park for a Dawn Patrol Stand Up session. The day before we had 3-4 foot waves with choppy conditions. A cold front moved thru and offshore wind blew thru the night. The Buoys still reading wave heights I thought it would be a fun clean SUP session. Small swell, offshore winds all looked good. When we arrived at the beach we were greeted to Lake Atlantic, flat conditions. The offshore winds blew 20 knots for 12-15 hours overnight and flattened what little swell we had the last couple of days.
Da' Boys got SKUNKED..

As we stood on the beach looking at the flat conditions, could not think of the past trips catching waves, seeing the sunrise and having fun. There will other times.
Looks like a flat water paddle today..

Jesse, two months ago..

Mushy left but fun as always..

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