Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Awesome day,,, Why?

Why was it an awesome day? My brother Keith returned home for a 14 day visit/R&R from his Iraqi tour of duty. He and Andrea (wife) drove up to visit me in SC. Was great to see my brother again and laugh like we always do.. We had a great dinner at Scott's Fish Market, ''Thanks Scott and Staff'' .. My brother was able to eat a great meal as apposed to MRE's in the desert. We talked for hours and he spoke of the death and destruction overseas. Scary Shit...Praise to all fighting for freedom.
Today he was able to witness me and my friends paddle surf. The weather was lousy and waves small but Keith took a few pics and stood in the rain on the beach. At least I know he's on the our sand and not over there being a target. Awesome day.. My brother, my hero, my solder.. God bless him

Keith over in Ad Dawr, Iraq

My walk to heaven

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