Sunday, November 23, 2008

Today Jamie,Jessica, Karen and I went for a Sunday afternoon paddle in Broad Creek. We left from Shelter Cove Marina about noon:30 and paddled around Disney Resort to the basin where four boats were fishing for reds and trout. Jamie and I brought our poles on the paddle so we casted a few lures. Not too long before Jamie hooked on to a nice 12-13 inch trout using his mini 3ft rod w/ 4# test line. Several casts later I hooked into a trout that measured 17 inches. Jamie and I could of fished all day.. Jessica and Karen paddled back and forth doing laps as we fished. Deciding to explore, the sun beat down on a cloudless afternoon in the 55'f temp. Water temp a bit lower. We paddled over to the Long Cove area and paddled through some back creeks seeing the local wild life of birds doing their thing. Discovering a new place to paddle the tide started coming in and the sun lowered in the western sky. The shadows became longer and the colors of the marsh became vivid and crisp with cool Autumn colors. The air temp started dropping so we headed back for the hot tub. Not only was it a beautiful day paddling but I was privileged to spend my afternoon with a few of my closest friends; Jamie,
Jessica and Karen.

Jamie Jessica and Karen heading out S.C. marina.
Jessica and Jamie Marsh Paddlers
Karen and Jessica doing laps as we fished..Jamie, skinny water near Disney Resort. Glen dockside service
Jamie and the little 3' trout catcher
Trout almondine for dinnerHurry up
Karen ,... Three hour paddle , no problem...
Awesome day, Awesome couple Jamie and Jessica..

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