Monday, June 29, 2009

Mark, Denise and Madison Paddle Surf Hilton Head.

Friend Troy Ah Yo had his sister Denise, Husband Mark and nieces Madison and Cory visit Hilton Head this week and I was able to get them out to try Paddle Surfing Today at S. Forest beach. The water was flat and wind light so it was easy to learn. Denise,Mark and Madison got up within five minutes and paddled just offshore. The smiles on their faces was my reward.

The Happy Paddlers

Madison Queen of the Ocean

Added a few more pics from that session...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stand Up.... on a weed raft?

The other day we had extremely high tides due to the summer equinox. When we get high tides the marshes flood and the result of ' nature's filter system' is it flushes out the old. The old dead marsh grass forms rafts that float with the tide. When I was paddling these rafts look like dark icebergs floating bye so I decided to check them out. One huge weed raft was 2-3 ft thick. I decided to paddle up on it and realized I was able to stand on the Weed Raft. Pretty cool being supported by clumps of weed floating at a 3 to 4 knot tide drift.
Wonder if Native Americans did this in their day utilizing these rafts for transportation ?

How far is Cuba'

Monday, June 22, 2009

No Waves No Problem Use the 10-6 PSH, A boat and rope.

Having no waves for a few days causes us to look for other ways to fuel the need. If its not paddling the marshes or looking for the ferry wake waves breaking on the sandbars its now being pulled behind a 150 four stroke.. The 10' -6'' PSH was the board of choice here. John, Jared, Troy and I having fun and then it became the best or I should say; ''worst wipe out'' contest. I know I tumbled hard once.. Here is some clips of the day with ''Led for your Head''

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stand Up World Paddle Tour

Wanted to share with you all about a ''Pro Tour for Stand Up Paddle Surfing''... The 'Stand Up Zone' forum posted some links to the new Stand Up Paddle World Tour and posted a small video of the upcoming 09' season. Started and governed by true Waterman. Will be interesting to see how this will take off.. SUP is here to stay. despite some opposition from the purists of prone surfing. Its Evolution !

6-18-2009 Standup World Tour Announced

''Standup Paddle Surfing takes on the world. The World's leading Stand Up Paddle professionals have formed the A.S.U.P.P (the Association of Stand Up Paddle Professionals), an association that will govern all athlete related matters of the Stand Up World Tour, from judging and event format, to the qualification processes. The riders have elected 5 initial committee members to represent participating athletes in the decision making process. The chosen 5 are Ekolu Kalama, Duane Desoto, Bonga Perkins, Chuck Patterson, and Leleo Kinimaka.''

Untitled from Waterman League on Vimeo.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Outside Hilton Head, Stand Up Paddle Store

instruction and lessonsGive them a call

Outside Hilton Head is your source for everything Stand Up Paddleboarding - Introductory Clinics, Private Instruction, Rentals, Parties and more! Our outfitters store also has a comprehensive selection of everything you'll need to enjoy the sport on your own, from boards, paddles and leashes, to clothing and accessories from C4 Waterman, Jimmy Lewis, Yolo and more. Stop by the store, call or surf the web. Stay tuned for weekly and monthly SUP events.
The staff at Outside Hilton Head is made up of experienced, knowledgeable and personable retail associates, reservations, interpretive naturalist/historian guides and USCG licensed Captains. While our specialties may vary, we do have a few things in common - a great love of the outdoors, a passion for discovery, and desire to share our special place with you.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mom and Son paddled on Sunday

Karen and her 9 year old son Sam paddled today. We paddle passed the the bridge around Wexford and thru the cut. Sam enjoyed the water and did well in the breezy conditions and the incoming tide. Must of been a great adventure for Sam his second time on the SUP.. Great job Sam..
Mom and son paddled together ....
Sam,,,, Taking a rest..

Gonna have to make Sam a shorter paddle.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stand Up Paddle Underwater View

A view of the underside of a Stand UP Board as Blane Chambers of Paddle Surf Hawaii paddles thru the Hawaiian waters. So now we see what action is below our feet. Thanks Blane for sharing this perspective of Stand Up..

Stand Up Paddle Underwater View from Blane Chambers on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday's fun SUP session

We had a glassy 1/2 hour of fun surf just after first light then the storm clouds formed and the wind blew on shore. Jesse was on the sub vector and had a blast on the Stand Up. He is a stoked kid again.. I paddled my PSH 10-6 and got some fun waves. Bayley was on the Sunny Daze longboard. Several of my great friends were out today and sharing the Sunday Fun-day.
Jesse on the Sub Vee

lil'' Bayley laying down a little turn..

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fun glassy Saturday surf after the T storms.

I arrived at O-dark thirty w/ the passing storms. The wind went dead calm as the fun 2-4 ft surf rolled in. I was able to get a a bunch of waves before others showed up. Jesse was getting long rides all the way to the folly and 13 yr old Bayley was having fun on his longboard. As the morning progresses so did the crowd. Jamie and Jessica paddled out to enjoy the great morning of glassy waves.. I changed my latitude and went for a paddle down the beach and up in the folly creek as the tide dropped and surf decreased. Pretty coll getting in the upper part of the marsh. Was another fun morning experiencing god's creation.
One little fun wave on the Stand Up
Bayley on a glassy wall.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Fun Stand Up waves today

I arrived at the beach at O-Dark 5:50 am to see fun little thigh/waist high waves. The surf built overnight with the SW winds providing Surf. I snagged several fun waves as the sun peaked thru the the passing storm clouds.. Jamie showed up getting some fun waves as we shared the morning surf both getting our fill. Its been a week or so since we had some sort of wave. Wanting to get some pics I swam out to take a few shots of Jamie before the surf dropped. As the tide faded fast so did the waves. We headed up to the cars to unload the gear and to face the day. I started to pick up the trash around the parking lot and found a dollar up against the curb. Nice little reward for trash duty. The real reward was having fun waves to play in and share it with my friend.

Mahalo Jamie..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

SUP and Kayak equipment for Sale

Up for adoption is a local custom shaped epoxy 11 ft. Stand Up Paddle Board. The board is made of high ding resistant epoxy at 29 inches wide and 4&1/4 thick ..Great board to learn the new sport of paddle surfing. Will float person up to 235 lbs great starter board for the flat water and can be used in the surf. Very stable and will provide great fun and experience the outdoors by being on the water, getting a healthy work out and improve your heart, mind, body and soul. Comes with a paddle all you need is to add water. Will offer demo and a lesson to get you started. Offered at way below retail prices ....Email me or call for more info ...
ask for Glen 843-684-0200

Summer is here and get on the water with your own Kayak.. Up for adoption is a 2 person Kayak from Perception called the Koewee 2. Its 13 feet long both seats are adjustable . Great shape. Also included are two seat back rest cushions, 2 Harmony Seapassage two piece fiberglass shafted - ABS bladed paddles and one PFD life vest. Ready for the water to experience all the Lowcountry has to offer. Please email or call for details/more pics. $350.00 OBO Ask for Glen 843-684-0200

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Afternoon Paddle from Palmetto Bay boat launch

Was able to get off work by 2 pm today so I met Karen and we went for an afternoon paddle as the tide was on the rise. We Paddled from the boat ramp towards Wexford and back into the marsh. We were able to get way up inside along the homes because of the high tide. We followed many creeks that led to nowhere but enjoyed getting there. Karen and I enjoyed all the life that thrives in the marsh. What a beautiful day, lots of sunshine, light breeze and excellent company. Perfect for a paddle. Need more of these days. Waves would be nice too but our summer pattern is setting up for the season. Next waves will be tropical influenced..

Wexford mansion ...
Heading up the creeks

...from Paddle Queen....'' Danger Girl....