Friday, June 5, 2009

Fun Stand Up waves today

I arrived at the beach at O-Dark 5:50 am to see fun little thigh/waist high waves. The surf built overnight with the SW winds providing Surf. I snagged several fun waves as the sun peaked thru the the passing storm clouds.. Jamie showed up getting some fun waves as we shared the morning surf both getting our fill. Its been a week or so since we had some sort of wave. Wanting to get some pics I swam out to take a few shots of Jamie before the surf dropped. As the tide faded fast so did the waves. We headed up to the cars to unload the gear and to face the day. I started to pick up the trash around the parking lot and found a dollar up against the curb. Nice little reward for trash duty. The real reward was having fun waves to play in and share it with my friend.

Mahalo Jamie..

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