Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stand Up World Paddle Tour

Wanted to share with you all about a ''Pro Tour for Stand Up Paddle Surfing''... The 'Stand Up Zone' forum posted some links to the new Stand Up Paddle World Tour and posted a small video of the upcoming 09' season. Started and governed by true Waterman. Will be interesting to see how this will take off.. SUP is here to stay. despite some opposition from the purists of prone surfing. Its Evolution !

6-18-2009 Standup World Tour Announced

''Standup Paddle Surfing takes on the world. The World's leading Stand Up Paddle professionals have formed the A.S.U.P.P (the Association of Stand Up Paddle Professionals), an association that will govern all athlete related matters of the Stand Up World Tour, from judging and event format, to the qualification processes. The riders have elected 5 initial committee members to represent participating athletes in the decision making process. The chosen 5 are Ekolu Kalama, Duane Desoto, Bonga Perkins, Chuck Patterson, and Leleo Kinimaka.''

Untitled from Waterman League on Vimeo.

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