Friday, April 30, 2010

Paddleboarding, even a caveman can do it...

Stand Up Paddle boarding is the fastest growing water sport. Giving daily lessons to many new enthusiasts to the sport of SUP, I have them up and paddling with-in 20 minutes. Some don't realize how easy it is; ''Even a Caveman can do it.''.
A little photoshop fun...

''Get on Board and come walk on water'', with H20 Sports.
call and see what its all about.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

SUP pool demo's

I have been doing Stand Up Paddle Board demo's in the pools of the many resorts on the Island. Its amazing how much interest I stir up at these ''Meet and Greet'' breakfasts, lunches and Wine and Cheese events. I think 60% of the my clients I take paddle boarding are from these events. This is at one of Coral Sands Resort's pool. Gotta love this job.. I cant even call it a job.. Happiness is......

Monday, April 26, 2010

Jesse's video of Jamie Jesse and myself...

Jesse produced this video from our past season of Stand Up Paddle Sessions.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just one of the reasons why I Paddle Surf...


Newest members to the Stand Up Paddle Boarding sport

The stoked clients who experienced Stand Up Paddle Boarding for the first time and are now hooked on the greatest and fastest growing water sport to date. These last two days I have had the honor to share my passion of Stand Up with all the great guests visiting Hilton Head. Not only am I an ambassador of Stand Up Paddle Boarding but I'm also and ambassador of Hilton Head sharing our great resources with all our guests. ''They may forget my name, but they will never forget how I made them feel.''

Monday, April 19, 2010

H2O Sports, Stand Up Paddle Boarding , Fun for Families

Today I had two families forming a large group going out for a paddle. The Taintor's; Colleen, Chris, Emily and Brian, visiting from Maine , all able to enjoy the family bonding of Stand Up Paddle Boarding. The other family of paddlers was The Faxon's.; Brad and his daughters Emily and Sophie. They enjoyed paddling in the sound and marsh and will be SUP owners soon. We all enjoyed the awesome weather conditions allowed for a the leisurely paddle around Harbour Town. The smiles on their faces were enlightening and inspiring.... S U P ..... What's not to like. Thank you ...

A little slide show of today's Paddle Board Players.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Early am Surf, Afternoon Paddle

Afternoon Paddle in the Calibogue Sound in front of Harbour Town's 18th Green with the Verizon's Heritage of Golf PGA tour event going on.
Fun thigh high surf in the morning. Gotta love SUP.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fun SUP dawn patrol session

Jamie and I traded off the camera. Took some frame grabs of the film footage we captured.
Thigh high fun with some larger waves.. We all caught some fun waves.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our Hometown HERO , Marine C P Carl Anderson

Great friend Carl Anderson just graduated from Parris Island, a Marine. He is awaiting his entrance to infantry training up in NC.. For the next couple weeks he's on R & R. We had a great little celebration for Carl at Beach Break Grill yesterday. Family and friends honored Carl.for his great accomplishment Carl is a great surfer but he's a better son, brother and friend. I'm sure he's looking for some surf this week. Forecast suggest a little swell for Tues and Wed and I'm looking forward to getting back in the water surfing with Carl. Congrats my friend;
Your my HERO..

Carl, Outer Banks NC.

Yes, he has paddled with me several times.


Friday, April 9, 2010

Fun am session..

It was great to get in the surf this morning. we had a dropping tide, the winds went NW after the front passed last night. Gave us some fun 2-3 ft waves. for the first hour of light. Doing a lot of guiding and lessons this past week, meeting awesome people and sharing my passion of SUP but was great to get some personal Stand Up time in the waves.

Little paddle Yesterday in front of the Harbour town.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

2010 Hurricane forecasts

JUST RELEASED forecasters William Gray and Phil Klotzbach said that El NiƱo conditions will dissipate by summer and that unusually warm tropical Atlantic sea surface temperatures will persist, leading to favorable conditions for hurricanes to develop and intensify with 15 named storms and eight of those becoming hurricanes. Active year and aggressive forecast.
CNN reports................
Don't mind the Hurricanes as long as they stay off shore and send us swells. Don't need the landfall and billions of dollars of damage and suffering.

Jesse , Hurricane Bill, Hunting Island
Glen Hunting Island, H-cane Bill

H-Cane Bertha 2008

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fun day on the water

Early mid morning had the honor to share Stand Up with Nancy Katinas. She had no trouble paddling getting it wired, enjoying the new found sport. Her family JR, Ryan and James Mundinger followed along side in the Kayak. They were visiting from NY , finding out they too grew up on Long Island.
Nancy, James Ryan and JR
In the afternoon I had the pleasure to paddle with Lindsey Tavel and 12 year old Birthday Girl Adrienne Cotton. She was a California native from Thousand Oaks visiting her family. Want to be a Marine Biologist. Not a bad way to cruise around in natures Lab
Adrienne and Lindsey

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My clients Stand Up Paddle for the first time.

Today I had the honor to share my passion of Stand Up Paddle Boarding with Babby and Alan Norsworthy and Patrick Partain. I asked why they chose Stand Up today and their reason was ''all the rental bicycles were out''. Maybe a little discouraged not riding bikes but they all paddled through the marshes and sound seeing Sea Pines from a unique point of view, atop of a Stand Up Paddle board.

Alan and Patrick ''Hawaiian Kings''
Later in the day I paddled with Raleigh native Jim Walsh and his two sons, Jimmy and Alex. All were up and paddling in 10 minutes. Walking on water seemed to be easy for the Walsh's. Awesome day meeting great people. Thank You..
Alex in foreground, Jimmy and Jim ,''marsh explorers''
Alex and Dad

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Dat Kwazy Wabbit..!


Small little ride and glide surf today. Jesse and I paddled out for some. Warm weather and the water temp 64* f made for summer like fun..

Knee high Tail Slide