Thursday, January 31, 2013

How SUP's are Made

You ever wonder how the Stand Up Paddle Boards are made. When your gliding across the water and enjoying your surroundings  and the only connection to you and the water is the 4 inch vessel made of foam and fiberglass.. Here is a look into the Blue Planet Factory on how Paddleboards are made. 

How a Blue Planet board is made: Robert Stehlik takes you on a tour of the factory to show you the steps involved in building a Blue Planet veneer board. For more information on our boards, please visit:

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Starboard Fisherman on its way..

Have a new 2013 Starboard Fisherman ordered and on its way. Looking forward to exploring 
the Low Country fishing possibilities with this new SUP..  When the board arrives, I will do  a review on the SUP ...

“Experience waterways through stability and glide like never before.”
So easy to use you might as well bring your fishing gear aboard and head for those secret spots. The Fisherman’s extra wide hull with high stabilizing rails and dug out mid-deck section offers an ultra stable platform. Features like drain channels, multiple tie-down positions, and TallonTM inserts (compatible with RAM and Scotty fishing rod mounting systems) make the Fisherman a revolutionary multi-purpose stand up paddleboard. The board tracks straight with its sizable fin area, yet turns on a dime due to its large flat mid section. Everyone who tried the Fisherman was seriously impressed by its speed which can be attributed to its race board rocker.
“Mono concave merging to a Flat V.”

Paddled Point Comfort Creek

Went for a paddle with an old friend and god daughter Madison.  A beautiful afternoon for a paddle and watched the fog bank roll in off of Calibogue Sound ..  Was a great paddle .
Thanks Erich and Mad..

Saturday, January 26, 2013

2013 Starboard Sprint Carbon

Starboard Team rider Stu Robinson takes the 2013 Starboard Sprint Carbon 14'0" x 25.0" for a spin in Tridents' back yard test track atTrident HQ  testing out the new SUP ... Trident Performance Sports representing Starboard Stand Up Paddle Surfing

Friday, January 25, 2013

Shane Perrin ''300 mile race for a cause..''

A friend of mine and fellow SUP paddler from St Louis,Shane Perrin will be paddling a 300 mile ocean expedition style race called the ;;Florida Everglades Challenge'' It's an unsupported race that gives you 8 days or less to cover the 300 miles regardless of the conditions being self sufficient for the entire 300 miles, no outside assistance. Help support his cause raising $ for Organ Tissue Transplants and Dialysis patients.. Check out  ''go fund me'' link  below and share if you want.. Thanks 

This expedition is like none other in the Stand up Paddle boarding world. It starts with a 300 mile ocean expedition style race called the Florida Everglades Challenge It's an unsupported race that gives you 8 days or less to cover the 300 miles regardless of the conditions.  Typically the race is completed by sail power. It has never been completed by a SUP.. Good Luck Shane 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Starboard / Rouge SUP Team riders visit

Starboard's Team  Captain Dan Gavere and Rouge SUP  Team rider and owner of Urban Ocean, Harmony Dawn visit HHI for a little R& R stopping by as they were driving south from the this past weekend's SUP Race event, ''Cold Stroke'' in NC, which Dan had won the event..... Dan and Harmony both teach the WSUPA's ASI Instructors courses and are true ambassadors on SUP.  We all went for a  high tide Paddle in Broad Creek then over to Scott's Fish Market in Shelter Cove for an awesome seafood dinner.
 MAHALO  Scott..  
Was an honor and privilege to have them here and stay with me talking story  and getting to know them .. Paddle friends for sure.. ..  
  Dan and Harmony with Karma cruising the low country creek..
Dan and I paddling past the creek side docks ..

Saturday, January 19, 2013

SUP Flip Rescue

Here is a little tip we all should know when on the water.. The SUP Flip Rescue...Don't forget we all should know Basic First Aid and CPR too.. You'll never know when your confronted and you will have to save a persons life using these techniques..  

Stand up paddling carries inherent dangers that we must be prepared to deal with whenever we take to the water. In this SUP safety video, stand up paddling expert Nikki Gregg and Oahu lifeguard Kurt Lager explain the flip rescue. This important technique allows you to rescue an unconscious, unresponsive or physically compromised victim using your stand up paddleboard as an aid.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

X-Trak Stand Up Paddleboard Traction Pads

Kolaiah "Fuzzy" Jardine putting our SUP pads to good use on the south shore. 

Order a X-Trak pad for your SUP at  :

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fun waves in N.Florida. SUMMER

Driving home and stopped in N.Florida to catch some waves. Was a gorgeous day summer like. Had put on the wetsuit but after 20 min in the 84*F sunny conditions with water temps in the low 60's * f had to trunk it for the 2 hour session.   Just really love SUP surfing down here. 

 Waist / Stomach  high sets that roll thru before standing up on the inside. 
Great doe SUP and Longboard surfing

Monday, January 14, 2013

Cool views from my paddle cam

Some unique shots with the camera on the neck of the blade. Paddling near Weeki Wachee Florida. The octopus's garden perspective ....

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Over the back Pole Cam

Fun little clean waves today. Jesse experimenting with his GoPro by putting the pole over his head as catches waves.. 
  What we all love, morning glass shared with your friends..

Overhead view 

2,3,4 tail slide sequence 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Small but great to get a few waves

Jesse and I caught a couple of knee thigh waves today. Its been a while so was great to get back on the Stand Up in the surf.. Couple from today

 Warped glass paddling back out

Thursday, January 3, 2013

East Coast Rising

A Surfer's Tale of Hurricane Sandy"
A Transition Productions Film

This is a 25 min film on the impact of the Superstorm Sandy and how it effected the NJ/NY area. A surfers perspective looking at the devastating impact the storm made on their community and how they made an impact on their fellow neighbors by supporting and rebuilding their homes in times of need.
Jersey Strong.

''Honored to have donated several days with the Collins Group picking up and collecting goods, clothes and food/water  from all the Hilton Head and Bluffton residents that have donated for the victims up north. All the items were collected transported to Beaufort, then Charleston to be distributed to the communities that were affected by that storm.. ''

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New years Day Paddle

Jesse and I went out for a morning paddle. Had to start the new year with a paddle. Came across a local  day marker welcoming in the first day of 2013,  marker 13..   We paddled 4-5 miles in the glassy, calm, mild overcast day.  On the water is the place to be.. 
GoPro shots #'s 1,4 &5 by Jesse Cadman

Reflective mirror in a placid creek... Crabs ?

Happy New Year

Wishing you all a happy, safe, healthy and prosperis New Year. Get out on the water and cleanse your mind body and soul. Salt water has healing properties just as sweat and tears. Be true to yourself and all will fall into place.  Share paddle Boarding and take someone new out there to experience this life's altering activity.. It will have and impact on there  life as well as yours.. MAHALO 

Jesse and I on one of our early AM paddle adventures around Hilton Head..

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou - Happy New Year. The western Christmas and New Year fell during this same time of the year that the Hawaiians traditionally honored the earth for giving them plenty to eat. This period of resting and feasting was called Makahiki (mah-kah-HEE- kee). It lasted for 4 months, and no wars or conflicts were allowed during this time. Because makahiki also means "year", the Hawaiian phrase for "Happy New Year" became "Hau'oli (happy) Makahiki (year) Hou (new)"(how-OH-lee mah-kah-hee-kee ho).