Friday, March 6, 2009

Pickney Island Paddle late afternoon...

Karen and I paddled late yesterday afternoon. We met up after work and launched from the boat ramp on Pickney Island and headed thru the bridge and paddled north and followed the coastline of the island. The water was so clear that the visibility was 4-5 feet. We were able to see the oysters, wildlife and aquatic sea life under our boards. This is rare here due to the large tidal swing and silty particles suspended in the waters. We paddled for almost 2 hours enjoying the beautiful day and being in great company. Thanks Karen, that will be one of many paddles upcoming this spring/summer..

Karen experiencing the beauty of Stand Up paddle Surfing

Bridge paddle

Standing in the shadows of a cement wonder.

Oysters below, blue sky above, Karen to the right .. Life is great..

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