Sunday, March 8, 2009

5 mile Skull Creek Paddle today..

We had no waves this morning so Jesse and I went for a paddle in the inter coastal waterway of Skull Creek. We paddle the full length of the Creek, Started at the bridge Bridge and paddled close to the mouth of Port Royal Sound about 2 to 2&1/2 mile section of the creek . Jesse was able to catch the ''Dafuskie Ferry'' wakes as the boat passed bye. One ''drive by'' set of waves generated were knee high as he caught and rode for 30-40 yards as the wave peeled along the bank. Perfect little wave. I was out of position for the photo OP's ..Below is the second drive bye.. Was a great paddle, pure glass with light winds and calm conditions. Jamie and Jessica motored passed us on their way to a secret fishing spot. I cruised passed Window's on the Waterway. One of my site venue's where I work at.. Cool seeing the building from the water..
Here are some pics of the morning.. Mahalo

Spring is here... Yea...
Jesse, lovin' the moment
''One hand on the Shaft, One hand on the Conc''
Jesse and I ''Scull Creek Marina''
'Windows On The Waterway'
I'd rather be where I am; ''Waterside'' , than in the kitchen,,
Waitin' for the ferry,

Jesse swung around me to catch the waves...
1 foot and glassy, Man made..
Jamie and Jessica cruised by to say Hi'

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