Monday, March 30, 2009

Pics from Sunday's Session by Tim Neil

Some of the pic from yesterday thru Tim Neil's lens. Was a windy day and very challenging for Stand Up. After a broken paddle running home to get more equipment, I was able to catch waves. I brought two SUP's to the beach. Jesse rode the 10-6 PSH and I the Sub Vector but switched boards for several waves. Both boards are great in their own right. PSH was able to glide into the waves with the heavy winds and the Sub Vee' just hot dogged the fun waves.. Thanks to all who was out there enjoying the waves , our loved ones on the beach and Tim for the lasting memories of Sunday.. Beach Break Grill for lunch today.. Mmmmm

The big drop on the PSH ( made it) with Billy Hughes on 67' PERFORMER

Jamie with the big gouging turn

Jesse on the 10-6 PSH
Sub Vee' fun

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