Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Snapped a Kialoa 'Methane' Paddle

This past Sunday I had snapped the shaft of my Kialoa Paddle. I was paddling into a stiff 15 knot wind putting a lot of strain and stress on the shaft keeping my position in the line up then I heard crackle then snap. I was kind of bummed but I ran home to get another paddle. I was not gonna let a snapped paddle ruin my day..
'''Never Let A Break Spoil Your Break''' ....Kialoa
On Monday, I called and emailed Kialoa describing my situation and their response was; Just ship that paddle back to us and we will send you another replacement paddle. They honored the one year warranty. Here is their reply;

Hi Glen,
Sorry to hear about that. Even though you couldn't’t see a weak spot, there had to be a weakened spot on the shaft that finally gave way while you were paddling. It happens to the best of them. I am ccing Amy here on this so that she can run you through the Return Authorization process. We will warranty this paddle for you.
Hope you’re having some warm sunny weather.
Aloha, Meg
I packed the paddle up express mailed the paddle to Bend, Or. Now I'll wait for the replacement paddle. STOKED...... Dave and Meg Chun (owners) their customer service staff Lisa and Amy and all others that make Kialoa a great company and represent and support this sport in a professional positive and passionate manner. I being in the hospitality and service oriented industry where guest satisfaction is #1 priority, therefore I greatly appreciate when other companies provide and implement that practice..
Mahalo to Kialoa...

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