Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday's pics of the waves.

Had a great Saturday Morning of waves. The SW wind blew hard Fri nite and we were graced with light W winds giving us waist high clean surf. Tim showed up to take pics and here are some of the results. Jamie and I paddled as my other bro's surfed to heir hearts content for the 3-4 hour session. This was one of the better days this spring. I took some video of Jamie, but I still have to edit it and will post it soon.
Today, Sunday we have strong NE winds with waves in the waist high size with a lot of chop. I watched Jesse get some long rides to the Folly. One waves he took off on was shoulder high. I blew it off not wanting to deal with the 2 foot chop on the 4 ft waves.. I'll go for a flat water paddle.

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