Thursday, April 30, 2009

2nd Anniversary in Stand Up Paddle Surfing

Glen and my 1st SUP, JL 11'

I've been involved in Stand Up Paddle Surfing for 2 years today. April 30th, 2007, I purchased my first Stand Up Paddle Board. A gold colored 11 ft Jimmy Lewis all rounder with the wooden paddle. Went to a C4 paddle a month later. I can remember it took me three secluded sessions/ trials to actually stand and paddle. Back then there was no How to? on line ect.... not much info about the sport then. It was trial and error for me. Ever since I've been involved in Stand Up, my life has never been so great for my mind ,body and soul...
''Stand Up Paddle Surfing offers me great fulfillment. I use SUP to escape from the daily grind of life. I loose my self and find myself while paddling. Stand Up Paddle Surfing has offered me a great opportunity to meet and make great everlasting friends by sharing my passion of SUP. I have inherited a great responsibility participating in this board sport. Sharing my passion in a positive way by giving lessons, demo's and providing equipment for new participants to SUP. Environmental issues become personal by sharing the precious waters with all users and taking a ownership by keeping the aquatic playground clean. This is my passion and I plan to be Paddle Surfing for as long as I can. ''
Enjoy some pics of my early days of Stand Up .. Now I have a full quiver of boards/paddles and equipment to share my passion with all. MAHALO Glen

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