Thursday, January 6, 2011

H2O Sports 11' All-Ride SUP

Pat LeMehaute and I produce 11 ft paddle boards called ''All-Ride'' . Today we popped out the third board from the LeMehaute designed mold. We seemed to have worked out most of the kinks. A couple more tweeks and we can make a small production run. The dims.... 11' x 32'' x 4& 7/8 . The board weighed 28 lbs and floated great, paddled great and responsive. I'd like to try it out in the waves but looks like next week there will be a forecasted wave.
Some small knee high surf this am, see below for some frame grabs of the solo session.

The surf was shin -knee high very clean no other takers for the 40 min session...

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