Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sub Vector Flat water Paddling.

I was pretty amazed at the fact that the C4 Sub Vector was a good board to flat water paddle. While hanging with my brother this past weekend we paddled in the river system and he used a SOS Big Red and I paddled the Sub Vee'. The board had great float and was pretty stable and comfortable to paddle 3-4 miles each day. At 9'-3'' and just under 29'' wide it was way more than functional on the water. The first day I paddled the 2+1 fin set up was under the board. I was surfing the small waves earlier and feel the 400's sides and 6.5 center keeps the board loose in those small waves.. The next day I put the quads in 400's and 350's . The board tracked better with the quad than the 2+1 fins. I would not use the board for racing or super long distance paddling, but for a leisurely paddle the board works great. Yawed straighter with the quads and planed well in the 2 hour paddle. I was able to surf the board in waist high waves in St. Augustine with the quad fin set up ,(400/350's) That helped control the speed and provides bite in the faster steeper waves. Still loose but controlled the turns and projected the down the line drive..Conclusion; 2+1 in small waves and Quad in the larger faster waves. That what I experienced this past weekend..

Flat water paddling the two days with the 2+1 and Quad fin set ups.

the Sub Vee' looks small but it works..

Some fun little warm weather waves to glide and ride. A few waves were thigh high range and I was able to pump down the line and do some turns. Whats nice is the Sub Vector can catch these small waves easy..

Little lip hit . Did a some photo editing in ''old B&W format''

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