Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sharing the Sub Vectors and SUP'ing w/ Friends today...

We finally had some sort of waves today after the long dry spell. Had onshore flow that produced a choppy 2-4 ft mushy waves. Jamie and I paddled out with the sub vee's and John T, RuRu ,BA, Scott, Chris H. and Pat B exchanged the fun little waves. John hopped on the SV and loved the board. Whats not to like.. Chris and Pat surfed longboard and Scott, RuRu and BA catching waves on their stand ups. I played around with fin set ups again under the Sub Vector. 2+1 seems best in small waves but I did manage to catch a few pockets of power and the Quads 400's and 350's worked well.. Fun, Fun, Fun always..

JT on the SV
Ru Ru gliding bye...
JT on a speed run

Jamie laying down the rail on the Sub Vee

Scott A on a left
Glen Quad'ing it..

Scott A. w/ new paddle and always smiling

Chris Hughes on a left
Pat B. one of his many waves
Jamie Post re-entry floater on the Sub Vee

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