Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stand Up Paddle Wax..

I received and email blast from Nate at SUPSURFMAG.

About a new product called Stand Up Paddle Wax.
Element Expeditions Releases the First Stand Up Paddle Wax
The wax Improves grip & reduce fatigue
Reduce paddle rotation and slippage
Super tacky formula increases friction
100% natural: no petroleum or synthetic ingredients
Cold and Warm water formulas
Apply super tacky formula to paddle grip in shaft areas for improved grip! For Stand Up apply on T-grip and upper shaft area where lower hand grips the paddle.. Element Expeditions Paddle Wax reduces paddle Rotation and Slippage. Apply to skirt rand to improve seal and reduce leakage. Excellent for Stand Up Surf Paddles!
Can pick up the wax at for $5.99 or
go to the website below and order direct for $4.99 plus tax..

I don't think its something I would use for my stand Up paddle, but the product exists and thought should know about it. I'm sure Kayak paddlers have been using the product.. Check out their website and see what its all about...

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