Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chris Bartee of ''Windswept Custom Paddles''

Meet Chris Bartee, designs custom wooden paddles. for Canoe SUP and OC .I've been testing one giving feed back on my thoughts allowing Chris to design paddles for a variety of applications Here is a brief, BIO and links to his site. Check it out..

Chris Bartee, the owner and craftsman of Windswept Custom Paddle, beautiful and unique wooden SUP paddles. I am a California native and a life-long surfer. When I came to live in Richmond Hill, GA the abundance of beautiful waterways helped push me further into Stand Up Paddling. I have been an avid woodworker for many years so it seemed natural to build myself a paddle, then another, and another... I had so much fun and they were so beautiful I continued to craft paddles and try to help spread the joy of Stand Up Paddling. A Wood paddle has its own life and story, it feels more natural on the water, and provides greater feedback to the paddler, especially on the many exciting flat-water playgrounds around the low-country. Try one yourself and find out why wood is so good!

The Paddles are generally constructed with mixtures of Aspen, Cedar, Paulownia, and Poplar; then finished with multiple coats of an "environmentally friendly" bio-resin epoxy. Handles are available as molded, round-over handles, or T-grip style handles. Blade sizes average 16.5" x 8"-8.5" or can be crafted to your preferred dimensions if desired. Shaft lengths are available in many sizes between 75" - 83" and can also be made to specific lengths upon request. Many variations of wood patterns are available within three general categories: Straight Stripes, Feather Patterns, and Angled Stripe patterns.
Paddles prices run between $235-$255, depending on wood blends and patterns, or custom orders are $265 (unless exotic woods, or highly detailed patterns are requested). or FB me if interested, check out the site too..

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