Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Flat Stalker SUP/Skiff

It was only a matter of time before someone created a Stand Up version of a fishing Skiff. My Mom sent me this link from my cousin who had seen this and wanted to share with me because of my Stand Up Paddle passion.

The 'Flat Stalker' is a patented stand-up, self-powered fishing and hunting craft that allows the fisherman or hunter to “stand up” and see where the fish and game are located. It works on any calm to moderate water anywhere in the world. The foam filled polyethylene craft itself weighs just less than 80 lbs and the removable console of 40 lbs. The deck has plenty of room for up to 3 large ice chests and a live well to boot! The single person Flatstalker is 11′ long, 35″ wide and 6.5″ thick. The Patented “Suction Hull” has scalloped indentations on the bottom that act as “suction cups” to hold the edges of the craft down on the water while in motion. ''''''

I would use a Stand Up Paddle..

Its funny how Jamie Jesse and I have been fishing from our SUP's for awhile and now this has hit the market. Its a great piece of equipment but I like to keep it simple.. K.I.S.S.

''Keep It Simple Stupid'' when I fish. My Stand Up Fishing sessions will be on my SUP..I don't keep the fish so for me it the way to go..
K.I.S.S Fishing Glen

Jamie with his catch

Jesse hooked on a Red'

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