Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jamie Maples video, Stand Up Paddle Surfing at Burke's Beach

Jamie Maples, Stand Up Paddle Surfing on his 10' Bonga model, getting lots of speed making the the two sections, floating over the soup, cutting back on the small wave face, turning in the pocket getting a 50 yard ride on the small wobbly waves at Burke's beach this past Monday morning. I get so stoked watching Jamie and my friends paddle surf especially being on the shoulder paddling back out to the line up. He has great style and rips on that SUP especially after breaking his foot this past summer. I have so many mental snap shots of Jamie Paddle Surfing in all types of conditions. One of a few I love to SUP with.. ...Thanks Jill for this video of Jamie....

Watching Jamie rip the little waves..

Side note

Jesse had his nose operated on yesterday. Was set and will expect a full recovery. We need you back in the line up, and soon, so you can be doing this.. Get well fast.. Maybe next week we will flat water paddle in the creek. ''The Burke's Beach Crew.''

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