Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fun Waist high Surf, w/ the Paddle Cam

Today we had some smaller sets from TS Leslie . Seemed smaller today but less wind. Long wait between the few sets.. I clamped the GoPro on the paddle and snagged a few waves. A different perspective than the nose of the board. Was a lot easier to manipulate the camera as waves came in.  
Down to Floride for a few days. Hitting St.Augustine for a day or so then Surf Expo to see the Starboard/ SUPreme line. See y'all later . Have fun with the waves here I'll be down there surfing' it up 

 I remember this on, I buried the outside rail and ate it.. too..

 Dragging the camera along the back of the wave  

8-10 WP Brushed Carbon , Worked good , Still have the tweak the fin set up some..

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