Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2013 Starboard ASAP 's

Soft Top with Hard Bottom Technology:

Single Wood stringers introduced overall stiffness. Wood half-­deck provides extra impact resistance on the deck. Extra strong bottom glass composite material provides longevity and low maintenance. Full EVA deck for a soft, comfortable touch. The EVA is grooved in the most important areas.
High density EVA around the rails for increased impact resistance. This high density EVA has been further toughened through a thermoform process which increases the surface density. The Soft sponge tail bumper further increases safety aspects. The US center fin box and FCS compatible side fin option makes the ASAP offering an absolute value winner.
  • The 12’0″x33″ is best suited for all around cruising and touring.
  • The 11’2″ x 30″ is the ul2mate flat water to wave cross-­‐over.
  • The 10’0″x34″ is best suited for all around paddling and wave riding.
  • The 9’0″x 30″ will get you out ripping in the waves.
  • The 7’7″ x 26.5″ will get your kids into the waves or you into surfing.

Key Selling Points:

  • Extra strong bottom laminate
  • Full size deck pad
  • Thermoformed rails and tail bumper for safety
  • Same great service and warranty
  • Best value

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