Monday, July 21, 2008

Lauren Rule ''Outside Hilton Head'' Paddled today

Lauren approached me about an internship project for School she needs to complete. She has to create some type of program for the company and was interested in organizing a stand-up paddle board clinic for all of the guides at Outside Hilton Head. . I agreed to help her out but insisted that she experience Stand Up Paddle Surfing first before taking on her project. This way she would have first hand involvement on the sport and would understand the sport... So this afternoon we paddled out from Shelter Cove Marina. First I had her on large stable SUP to get use to standing and paddling. After a short time of gaining confidence, I had her paddle a smaller board ''the SOS Blue'' Piece of cake for her.. . The 2 &1/2 hour leisurely paddle was enjoyable. She's hooked and wants to paddle tomorrow. ''Lets Go'' I say.........Here are a few pic of Lauren cruising Shelter Cove Marina..
Smiling and stoked on Stand Up

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