Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stand Up Paddling Ferry Wakes on the InterCoastal

Early today Jesse Cadman and I paddled out in to the Intercoastal Waterway for a leisurely paddle. We came across a sand bar at low tide and noticed boat wake waves peeling down the sand bar. We waited for one of the local ferry's to cruise bye and saw that the waves created by the boat's wake were at least knee to thigh high. The Daufuskie Ferry's, ''Swift Cat'' cruised bye three times and ''Clipper 1'' twice and threw a wave across the sand bar as it peeled for about 50- yards. The first two passes we needed to see the set up, the way the waves break and see which wave in the wake would be the one to paddle into.. We were at two different locations and paddle surfed the wake waves. Below are the only pics we have due to both wanting to paddle surf the waves. Thanks Jesse for sitting out one boat pass. I owe you one.. Thanks to the our friend ' The Capt.' behind the wheel of the ''SC'' for seeing us, knowing what we were up to and then piloting the vessel toward us creating the waves. I know you were stoked too. Now we know the set up and conditions, we will be on it again.

I have a pic of Jesse on a wake wave but its only a shin slapper and he told me not to post it.

I thought it was going to be a crabby day!

Jesse setting up for the wake.

Glen waiting for the incoming wake wave.

Fast quick turning for the wake waves as they jack up on the bar.

Missed the first wave but paddling on the second. Knee/ thigh high. Look at the first wave as it breaks on the sand bar.

Gliding on knee high wake wave....''We don't need no stinking' Ocean''

What a morning.. Paddling with a great friend.

Jesse was stoked as I was and seeing the potential , Its on now..

Our next adventure is Stand Up Paddle Surfing Tanker wakes..

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