Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Skull Creek Paddle and High Tide Paddle Surf session

Jesse and I had a full day of paddling. In the morning we paddled all over Skull Creek. Found a couple of points that hold little boat wake waves. The Ferry cruised by a few times and Jesse was able to snag a wave as it peeled down the shoals. Paddled by Hudson's Docks thru the fleet of Shrimp boats. ''Forest Gump'' flash back...Headed over to the shoals for a couple more ferry wakes but tide and direction for wake paddling all wrong.. After lunch we headed to Burke's for a Paddle Surf Session. There was a 2 ft ESE swell that was shadowed by the 10 knot SW winds. Fun thigh high choppy waves with 3/4 wave sets at 5 minute wait. Little sections for rebounding and re-form rides to the inside. Always fun on the SUP.. Awesome day with a great friend....

Jesse on the first wake wave in Skull Creek
Just Draggin'
Left over wake wave, This point closed out toward the end..
''Forest Gump''' That's my boat, ''Jen-naaay''
The scene of more to come...
Thigh high fun on the PSH
Paddle - Paddle - Paddle
Jesse on the inside all the way to the Folly..
Ready for the reform
Outside, paddling down the line..

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