Sunday, August 10, 2008

Thigh High Waves Paddle Surfing ICW

This fine Sunday morning during low tide, Jesse and I headed to our favorite little ''Bar'' that serves up little waves that peel across its shallow edge. With the help of passing speeding boats and large Ferry's, this bar comes alive for the best ''Happy Hour'' for an SUP wave session on the Inter coastal Water Way. Armed with my new water camera and knowing the local Ferry schedule, Jesse and I paddled out to meet the man made waves. Thanks to the Capt's . playing
'GOD' , they produced 2 foot peelers that fueled our need for surf. Depending on the boats direction, some of the waves were little rollers and some were thigh high and stood up for 50-60 yard rides. Again this was unreal SUP session and was great to share it with a awsome friend...
Here are some pics and comments of the session. Enjoy.....

Waiting for the Ferry,... Here it comes
Will be here in a moment...
Jesse on a knee high slider.. Bigger than the Ocean today.
Glen waiting for the man made swell Glen stroking for the 2 footer starting to line up.
Paddling down the line gaining speed
Thigh high and 30 yards into the wave that standing up on the bar..
I was able to pump and carve this 60 yard peeler as it dissipated in to deeper water.
Jesse riding the washover at the end of the the sand bar.
Speed warble glide...

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