Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fun little lines at Burke's for an all SUP day.

We had fun little waves grace our beach this morning. Long lines of a 100 yard wave that would come in as a set of 3-4 waves. Knee to Thigh High surf. Fun on the Stand Up. Was an all SUP crowd , John Tolly from Sunny Daze, Mick Pullon, Rufus (RuRu) and Barbara Anne Weaver, Jesse Cadman and I all on our Stand Up's having a blast.. What are friends for.. Pics from the little session. Only one missing was Jamie Maples.. We caught a few for you bro ..
Thigh high crumbler..

John dropping in on The PSH 10'-3''

Glen Little rebound on the PSHJesse catching one of his many long lefts..
Paddle back out for more...
John re-direction on his Kalama..
Jesse going right..
Mick on one of his long lefts..
Barbara Anne catching a lot too.

RuRu and I sharing the wave..

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