Monday, August 18, 2008

Fun Pre- TS "FAY" Waist high waves. today..

We had some great clean thigh to waist high waves today. Five minute wait between sets of 3-4 waves... Only four of us out early. 6:30am to 8am was the best incoming push. I was on the 10'-3'' PSH , Jamie was on the 10'-0'' JL 'surf' SUP and Eric was on the JL 11' . Scott from Scott's Fish Market was surfing his Rusty Longboard. We all traded waves for the hour & half session. I was getting the PSH wired and I'm there and Jamie was all over the lefts. Eric was gliding down the line and Scott had these long, long rides. What a great session. Now kids out surfing. Why? School started today.. John, Pat, Eric S. Billy paddled out at high tide to close out the morning waves They also scored fun clean waves... . No action pics, everyone wanted to be in the water... Can't blame them.... As was I

Samples of the waves..

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