Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kayak Guides go Paddle Surfing

Outside Hilton Head Kayak Guides paddle surf on the Broad Creek. Lauren Rule who has to create a program for a school project. Paddle Surfing was her choice.. Today she and I gave a little clinic/demo on paddle surfing , its equipment and techniques to all the Kayak Guides that work for OutSide Hilton Head at Shelter Cove Marina. We had a great time paddling for almost three to four hours. Had a great time. Most have never been on Stand Up board before. Having Kayak experience they were up and going in minutes. We all had fun and after a while most were doing some sort of tricks. They are hooked. I wonder which ,if not all will want to get one. What's not to like.....

Joey, Sammy,Mac,Lauren, Cooper, Carly, Karli

Karli and Carly On ''Big Momma'' Tandem
Da' Guides of Outside Hilton Head.

Cooper out for a cruise

Mac,stoked and all smiles.

Joey, Carly and Cooper

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