Tuesday, August 19, 2008

8-19 , Tuesday Stand Up Crew

The tropical storm 'Fay' comes ashore in lower Florida. Here in SC. we're receiving the feeder bands from the storm with East-North East winds . The on- shore winds provide a small local 2-3 foot swell. Choppy conditions. Fun but challenging. We had Eric Ruhlin, Jamie Maples, Jesse Cadman and Glen B. on the stand up crew.. As always fun w/ friends no matter the conditions. Tim Neil from ''Beach Break Grill'' showed up w/ his camera and took some great shots of our little SUP session. Tim's pics below.. Mahalo Tim
Glen on the 10-3 PSH
.... looking ahead for the section to build..
Eric on his JL 11',... getting better every session...
Jesse re-direction on the left w/ his 10-2'' fish
Jamie on the JL 10-0' bottom turn for the connection..
The Breakfast Stand Up Crew Club.. Jesse, Glen, Eric, Jamie Jamie in the little power pocket
Jesse power racing the lip..
Eric extracting every bit of the wave 'on the inside'

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