Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pair of ''Paddle Surf Hawaii'' (PSH) boards

Here are the two PSH sandwich epoxy SUP's by Blane Chambers. The yellow is the 10'3'' and red is the 10'-6''. Both are the All-rounder series. Dimensions, 10'-3" x 28-3/8"x 4-5/8" and
10'-6"x 28-3/8"x 4-5/8" Diamond tails .. The width and thickness are the same but they are two different boards.
The 10'3'' is a maneuverable, loose board. The rails are foiled out and thin in the nose and tail areas. The rails are a bit smaller ( thickness) mid point due to the domed deck. Flat bottom from rail to rail . The hard edges thru the length of the board from tail to nose on the bottom give the boards its responsiveness for rail to rail action. The rocker is all on the bottom w/ a flat deck. Both boards have 2+ 1 fin set up. FCS GL's side bites and a 8'' flex fin. I have the fin in the middle of the box . Seems loose and responsive. The board is stable and worked great in the larger TS/ Hurricane surf we had last week. The speeds generated on this board was unbelievable and has elevated the Stand Up performance. Was a bit wobbly the first time but now its an easy board to paddle and is stable.. Go to board for the surf..Weight of board 23#'s
The 10'-6'' Red, is 3 inches longer but totally different. It's a very stable board. The rails are fuller and seem thicker due too less dome on the deck. The bottom edges are a bit softer in the nose area. The nose is not as foiled so there is some thickness on the nose. The board's nose is a bit sharper than the 10-3's rounded nose. Again all the board's rocker is on the bottom w/ a flat deck. A little nose kick ever so slight. Flat bottom side to side. Very stable and more buoyant then the smaller board. It surfs great in our waves. I only had the board in waist high waves but its loose and maneuverable too. Same fins and same 2+1 set up. Have to play w/ the fins to get more action from board. I have paddled this board 7 miles in flat water and was great to paddle, had glide and floated great no side to side tracking and paddled pretty straight . The boards weight is at and 24#'s . Great board for the long paddles to the offshore bars to surf.. Very stable in the surf and in choppy conditions.. Blane Chambers designed these boards to surf and they do. see website..
I'm 5-10'' and 188 lbs.. Both boards are great. I like the 10-3 in the surf and the 10-6 in the surf as well as flat water cruising.. Outstanding boards for me..The boards sandwich epoxy construction are tough, durable and paddle resistant. No visible nicks or chunks from paddle. See PSH's site or Island Surf & Sail in NJ. to obtain one.. Pics below showing the two side by side for comparison
Notice the nose difference..

Bottom view


Diamond tails, both the same.2+1 Fin set up Flat bottom, Hard edge rails
10-3 foiled and thinner rails in tail area

Nose area thinner foiled on the 10'-3''

The domed deck on 10-3 makes for thinner rails w/ hard edge. 10'-6'' fuller rails and softer edge

The 10'-6'', 7 mile paddle today.

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