Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fun Chest/Head High thick H-CANE ''Hanna'' waves todayt

The waves were pretty large3-5 ft faces and powerul today. The wind dropped off enough to Stand Up Paddle. Dispite my sore throat and being tired ,I had to paddle out for a while. I couldn't pass it up... Jamie and I were on our Stand Ups and my friends all surfed great waves. Jamie picked off some big bombs earlier in the session.. Pics from the session..I know later in the week it will be TS / Hurricane conditions. Got to go when the gettin' is good..Here at the pics .
Tim Neil from 'Beach Break Grill' took all the shots. Go see Tim and have some after surf grinds and say thanks to for all the photo's..
Tim and his Nikon camera

Glen SUP'ing on a meaty section

Ledgy rights

Cooper,Tim's son ripping
Mike Powers jammin' down the line
Chris Hughes setting up for the section.
Jesse Cadman, Stand UP Paddling, Surfing, body boarding, body surfing ,

Glen SUP floater
Fun left..
Hard steep drop SUP style
Jamie on the inside speed run
Jamie, backlighting bottom turn ''I love this shot..''

Nancy W. getting a nice left

Chris Black making the drop.

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