Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hunting Island session with Kyle Swell

Jesse and I headed over to Hunting Island to catch the morning high tide with a buoy readings of 4.6 at 11 sec east swell from Hurricane Kyle. The waves were waist to head high during the 4 hour session. The waves would peak up and reel fast for 30-40 yards along the shallow inside before the curtain fell. Super fast and hollow at times. Hunting Island lost a lot of beach front sand from the two Nor'easters a few weeks ago.
I was on the 10-3 and Jesse on the 10-2 fish. The boards worked great . Jesse broke his wooden paddle. Carbon Fiber will be Jesse's quiver soon. Here are some pics from this morning. The sunlight in the background made it tough to shoot.

Sunrise , Morning glory..
Jesse heading left
Glen in the pocket
Left speed run
Jesse on one of many fun lefts
Glen , backside charmJesse , head high

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