Friday, September 5, 2008

Hanna" Knocking on our door step.

TS Hanna' was just 200 miles south of us and was sending us some fun head high surf. Winds were side offshore. Still a bit choppy. Below are some of the great pics Tim took. I know its not all Stand Up shots but these surfers below and others that went unnoticed by the camera are my friends, scored great waves and they have a great impact on my life.. PERIOD....
Tim (Beach Break Grill) shot from the beach. Here are is his results. There are a lot more great shots.. He can edit and print... If you want pic's go see him at Beach Break Grill, have some lunch and he'll print up some pictures for you.....

Glen SUPHave to paddle hard to drop in the heavy 20 knot winds
Left setting up
Big drop, down the line, then '' I ATE IT''
John Tolly
Rick Lawson
Chris Hughes
Glen SUP left sequence #1
#2 shot
Mike Powers

Pat Mills
John Tolly
Chris Hughes
Cooper Neil
Cooper looking'

Cooper off the top

Rusty and Rick ''OUTSIDE''

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