Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ike' sending us a swell

First, I'd like to send a Birthday wish to my Dad, 76 years young. Pic below of him last month at 75, paddling for the first time w/ Jesse and I..
Happy Birthday Dad.

Today the waves were 2-3 ft waist high. Fun conditions with a light onshore sea breeze. Had to be at least 50-60 people in the water. Half were my friends the other half were new surfers to the sport I've yet to meet. Some of my friend were surfing great waves. Jamie, Jesse and I were on our Stand Ups. We had so much fun in the waves. Jamie ,Jesse and I were getting long rides and ripping it up SUP style. I had the new 10-6 PSH that board is Awesome.. I swam out w/ the water camera for a while and then Jesse took some pics too. Here are the results.. Enjoy..

New red 10-6 PSH

Jamie, off Da' Lip

Glen redirect
Jesse, one of many 60 yard rides.
setting up for the bottom turn
Jesse again waist high long ride..

Jamie on a rightDropping in...
Jesse in early on a small one..
Oops double vision

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