Thursday, September 25, 2008

Heavy offshores with 3-4 ft surf from a Sub tropical low off the Carolina's

We were graced with some fun surf today. The winds were heavy off shore and had a swell from the Nor'easter which was from a sub tropical low off of the Carolina's. Today the off shores knocked down the swell a bit but was still fun. I went to Burke's Beach to shoot some pics . I had pulled a muscle in my back on Monday so today was the first real day it was feeling good so I decided I should still take it easy , a wise move.. Then Jesse' called, and said ''lets hit it". I lent him one of my boards and we headed over to the Dunes House in Palmetto Dunes for the last hour of daylight. Jesse's peer pressure and super clean waves, could not pass it up. I just had to go in.. It was super fun and easy on the SUP. Jesse got a little barrel and I caught some steep chest high lefts. My back felt good and loose. I'll be stiff tomorrow.. Mahalo to Jesse for getting this old man out for a session..

Below are pics from Burke's. Jamie was all over the waves on his Bonga' SUP and my friends below were getting great rides surfing the fun waves.. Watched John Tolly get slotted on a perfect left barrel.. elevated the stoked factor.Fun Fun Fun

Jamie on a right

Open face right
This was a super fast wave for Jamie
Jamie , Little lip hit.
Pat Mills setting it up for his left

Billy Hughes
John Tolly on one of many
Shey S. sliding on a left
William Urbin movin' it down the line
James Urbin setting up for the lip hit

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